Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Halloween Costume EVER!

I know that this post isn't exactly timely, but I've been meaning to do it since Halloween and found the pictures when looking for some others.  So here it is!  Halloween in February!

After seeing multiple Halloween costumes that incorporated a wheelchair, we knew that we wanted to do something like that for James this year.  After some discussion and talking with James, the decision was made to do a Mario Kart-style costume and feature James' favorite Waluigi.  The first step was to order the costume.  We bought it from Amazon, although it would have been nice if we could have found it in a store.  It ended up being a size too small.  But we were able to make it work.

Jimmy then set about constructing the "Kart".  He took apart an old, not working Powerwheel Go Kart and painted it.  He managed to make it fit perfectly on the front of the wheelchair and even left enough room for James' legs.  I used yellow vinyl for the upside down Ls and purple vinyl for the flag.  Thank goodness for the Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot (too bad Provocraft ruined a REALLY good thing). 

The final costume was AWESOME!  He won a prize for participating in a parade and enjoyed the attention that he got at school.  

Even Katniss Everdeen was impressed!

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