Monday, May 16, 2005

On Garbage Men

I know what you're thinking, "She's writing her first post on garbage men." (Actually I'm sure I should have said garbage people, because I'm sure there must be some women who do this job, but I've never seen any and I don't know any, so I'm sticking with garbage men). And the answer is, "Yep. I am writing my first entry on garbage men."

Reason being, I followed a garbage truck for a good 1/2 mile this am. I was (of course) running late for work and at first I was most annoyed at following the garbage men. And then I watched them. Those men were busting their humps. They would jump off the truck, RUN to the trash cans, throw the bags to the truck, put the trash can back and then RUN back to the truck. I was amazed. These guys were RUNNING at 8:45 in the morning. They were running to pick up trash. I kept my distance back from the truck, as I didn't want them to feel like I was right up their rears. And when 1/2 mile later they pulled off of the road onto a side road, those two men smiled and waved at me.

I don't really "do" garbage. If I find a sippy cup laying under the couch, I either throw it away or I set it on the counter and wait for Jimmy to throw the stinky, yucky milk out and then wash out the cup. Jimmy takes out the trash. All I do is generate garbage. And yet I was grumpy going to work in a pretty laid-back office on a Monday morning. These guys are out there in the cold and the heat and yet these guys were all smiley and waving to me on this Monday morning. And then I remembered the garbage men that my sister Hazel used to talk to when we lived in VA. They were smiley and nice to her, too.

So today, I salute the garbage men. Those smiley men who pick up the trash and help keep our planet smelling nice.

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