Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Days of School!

Krissy started Kindergarten on the 29th of August. After the trip to Children's on Monday, I thought that Tuesday would be a piece of cake for me. After all, child to kindergarten on school bus is much easier than child to hospital in an ambulance. But it was still really hard. I feel like this is the first step to her leaving home and even a week later, I'm still struggling with it. Here're a couple of pics.

She was pretty excited to start the first day and pretty bummed at the end of the day. Said that preschool had fewer rules and that her friends were there. She doesn't like how much they have to keep quiet, she doesn't like that she needs to sit with her hands folded and she doesn't like all the rules.

By the end of the second day, she was loving Kindergarten!

Today, my Bub started preschool. Let me preface this by saying that I am totally not thrilled with him going to preschool. He's only three and developmentally, he's younger than that in many ways. But the in-home PT, OT, and Speech therapy ends when he turns three, so we had to send him to preschool in order for him to get his therapy. Even that I'm not too happy with. Before, he got an hour of speech, an hour of PT and an hour of OT each once a week. Now, he'll get PT for 1/2 hr a week, OT for 1/2 hr a month, and speech 1/2 hr twice a week. He only goes twice a week, so I'm hoping that'll work out ok. He even takes a mini-bus there!

So the bus gets to the house this AM. I strap him into his car seat, take a picture (of course), kiss him and then climb off the bus. I thought for sure he'd start to sob at that. I stood outside and watched him through the bus window and he waved and smiled and said "bye" to me! He's such a brave, tough guy! I met the bus at his preschool as there was a paper I had to sign and I wanted to make sure the first day worked out ok. He walked (holding the teachers hands for support) into the school and then he saw his walker. He was not a happy camper to see that and started to cry. That's when I walked in. Upon seeing me, the crying quit. We went to his classroom and once he saw the toys, that was all he needed. When I asked for a kiss goodbye, he was going to kiss the little red-haired girl next to him! I told him to kiss me, not her and I got my kiss. As I walked out of the room, I was so proud of him. Not a tear. Not a single, solitary tear on his first day! Maybe he's ready for preschool after all!


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