Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let's try this again

Its been over a year since I started this blog. One year and one entry LOL.

But I'm feeling very melancholy today and wanted to get this down somewhere, so I'll remember.

One week from today, my baby girl will go to school. She's scared. She asked last night why we couldn't make a robot Krissy to send to school and she could just stay home with her Grammy. I'm scared, too. I work full-time, so I'm away from her all day most days. But I don't want her to change. I don't want her exposed to words that we don't think are appropriate. I don't want her teased like I was. I want Krissy to stay the same sweet little girl she's always been. I don't want her to worry about what is "cool" and what isn't. I don't want to be what isn't "cool" in her world.

She stays with my mom while I work. She's been there since she was six weeks old. She and my mom are buddies and I'm afraid that being away is going to be really hard on Krissy and my Mom.

Krissy is worried that the teacher won't like her. She's worried that she won't be smart enough. She's worried about what her brother is going to do without her. She's worried that she'll miss me. She's worried about missing my mom. She's just plain worried. I'm trying so hard to pump her up about school. I've been telling her about art class and music and library. I've been telling her that the fun she had in preschool will just be longer since the days are longer. I've told her how Kindergarten was my very favorite year of school. I've told her about field trips and how she's going to learn to read.

I figure that once she goes to Orientation on Monday, that she'll be ready to go. Hopefully, I'll get there, too.


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