Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thanks, Mom!

I haven't updated this blog in over six months, but there's something I wanted to do publically. I wanted to say thanks fo my Mom.

On Sept 1st, Bubby will start school and for the first time in over eight years, my Mummy won't be watching one of my children all day every day (you'll still have them on vacation and holidays though, Mummy, so don't start cheering yet! LOL!)

Thank you for feeding them breakfast and lunch everyday. I know what a struggle that is with Bubby being such a picky eater.

Thank you for holding them when they fall and kissing boo boos that I couldn't be there to kiss.

Thank you for letting them call me when they need to.

Thank you for cathing Bubby every single day.

Thank you for changing all the poopy diapers you've changed.

Thank you for watching way more Blue's Clues, Backyardigans, and Dora than you've ever wanted to. Thanks for putting up with Hannah, Zack and Cody, Alex, Justin, and Max.

Thank you for holding Bubby through seizures and giving the medication everyday to keep those seizures away. You made it possible for me to go to work everyday feeling like everything was ok.

Thank you for holding your tongue when you think I'm doing things all wrong. I'm sure you've thought that once or twice *grin*.

Thank you for giving advice when I ask for it and talking me through to the answer I'm struggling with.

Thank you for respecting our wishes as far as spanking and discipline. I bet there were times that it took everything you had not to smack fingers or bottoms.

Thank you for watching them earlier in the day and later in the evening than you bargained for.

Thank you for the months and months you did all this for no pay. We honestly couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you for reading to the kids and playing computer games with them.

Thank you for listening when I've had a bad day at work even when your day at home wasn't a piece of cake.

Thank you for watching the kids when you weren't feeling well just so I wouldn't have to use a vacation day.

Thank you for never, ever making me feel guilty for working. As a SAHM yourself, it was probably hard for you to understand the need for me to work.

Thank you for coffee in the morning and peanut butter sandwiches and string cheese after work.

Thank you for putting Bubby on the bus in the rain.

Thank you for making my kids happy. They have toys at your house and truly feel like it is their 2nd home. I really appreciate that.

Thank you for worrying about them. Sometimes is sure is nice to have someone to worry with me.

Thank you for keeping your promise. You promised that you'd do everything in your power to make my life easier when I had a special needs child. You've kept your promise in every single way possible.

Thanks, Mummy for all the other things I'm forgetting. My life (and my kids' lives) is better because you are in it.


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